Franchise Standard

The Standard franchise is a franchise of an electric scooter rental service under our brand or the brand of our partners. This option is suitable for anyone who has no experience or has doubts about the success of this business. You can start a business under the brand name of an existing company, without starting fees and other points that are in the White label option. You can fully focus on driving your scooters from the first day of operation and at the same time run a full-fledged scooter rental business with minimal investment. All that is required from you is to prepare the scooters for work, brand them in the color of the company and start working in your city.

Terms Franchise Standard:
  • your electric scooter fleet and maintenance
  • number of scooters from 1
  • no one-time license fee and no upfront fees
  • commission for using the system from 5% to 11% of revenue (depending on the number of scooters)
  • pay commission only when you work and earn income
  • access to the admin panel to manage your scooters
  • launch 1-7 days in any city and country
Income Calculator Franchise Standard
Number of scooters:
Total amount: 6500
MonthPessimistic forecast, per monthOptimistic forecast, per month
per season1657520475

*The calculation takes into account only the total profitability and does not take into account the following costs:

  • room rental
  • vehicle and fuel for transportation
  • employee salaries
  • other scooter expenses
  • комиссия нашей компании (5%-11% выручки)
  • commission of Visa/Mastercard payment systems (2-3%)
  • income taxes

If you do not want to deal with management, daily maintenance and other issues, you can consider another option for cooperation Franchise Plus

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